Repairing and Expanding Infrastructure


Infrastructure improvements can create millions of good paying jobs, and it ensures public safety. The potential for a revitalized economy through job creation and the economic benefits of high quality infrastructure is vast. More importantly, having infrastructure that is intact is vital for public safety. Many accidents, floods, bridge collapses, and other terrible events are completely preventable, if only the political will was present. I will push to fully fund infrastructure improvements and maintenance.

Vehicle Miles Traveled:

I will introduce legislation to fund infrastructure improvement and maintenance through a progressive vehicle miles traveled charge. Instead of relying on the decreasing revenue collected from the use of fossil fuels, this tax will be based on distance driven. Vehicle owners will be charged per mile at a rate based on their income level. This will allow residents with lower income to drive further to work, which is often required, without being financially penalized.

Public Transportation:

Much of our public transportation system is inherently flawed. There are issues with availability, location, and schedules. I have worked locally through Sacramento Transit Rider's Union to pinpoint issues with rider needs, and I will continue to work with local groups to find solutions to transit issues.

Clean Water:

While nearly everyone has heard of the lead issues Flint, Michigan, many are not aware that we have the same issues in many California cities. In addition to toxic water, there are some cities in California who do not have access to water from their taps do to the continued ramifications of the drought and sinking water tables. We must ensure water purity and security for all Californians.

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