We support single-payer healthcare, Dianne Feinstein. You should too!

It is bad enough that we have to fight the Republicans in the Senate to support healthcare for all people as a right, but having to fight with Democrats makes our job even more challenging.  Our Senator, Dianne Feinstein, recently refused to support single-payer healthcare, calling it a "government takeover of the healthcare system". Experts agree that only single-payer can fix our broken, profit-driven healthcare system. Sign our petition and tell Dianne Feinstein that the people of California support single payer healthcare, and she must support single-payer healthcare too.

Petition to Senator Feinstein:

For-profit insurance companies have made a killing off of the healthcare industry. Private insurance adds no benefits to patient service or our healthcare system. The only benefits given is in the form of profits for shareholders, while patients see increased costs and decreased care. While the ACA added some benefits to the old system, it is part of a slow-moving incremental approach that fails to bring meaningful change. Now, even the ACA is under attack by Congressional Republicans and President Trump, who might be successful in taking coverage away from millions of Americans. While we are seeing a push for single-payer in California, we still need to fight for single-payer on the national scale. Healthcare is a right for all! It is time that the United States joined the rest of the industrialized world and adopt single-payer healthcare that includes medical, dental, vision, mental health, and prescription medication coverage. Americans cannot afford to be exploited by an overpriced, for-profit healthcare system.

We, the undersigned, support H.R. 676- Medicare for All, and SB 562- The Healthy CA act. and call on you to support all current and future single-payer healthcare legislation. We need a Senator who will represent California's values. If you won't, we will find some one who will.

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    Charles Trahan
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    Laurence Koross
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    I aiready vol. locally.
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    Single-payer healthcare is the compassionate and moral thing to do for our state, our country, and our world. No one should have to suffer and die because they can’t afford to go to the doctor.
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    My 501c3 represents a great many homeless who are in Ca and desperately, urgently need healthcare
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    heath care is a human right
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    Enough of you pro-war, corporate policies, Feinstein. We need Progressive leadership, not continuous corporate collusion.
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    Your shelf life has been overly extended. You should have been ousted three elections ago. You and the Neoliberalism you embody will be defeated.
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    Take the profit out of the healthcare system in America and we CAN have single payer. Please support We, the People. Our tax dollars, which pay for Congresses’ healthcare, are meant for the betterment of ALL. Stop handing out corporate subsidies and tax breaks for the wealthy and the United States will begin to work for We, the People.