Labor and Trade


With the advancement of technology, the shipping of manufacturing jobs overseas, and the rise of the part-time service industry, Americans everyone feel the pressure of structural unemployment. At the same time as many Americans are struggling to pay their rent, we have massive deterioration of public infrastructure. These two problems can be tackled at the same time.

It is time for another New Deal. I want to put Americans back to work by investing in our country's infrastructure, expanding our renewable energy sources, and encouraging more well-paid union jobs. We can build a 21st century economy, give a massive economic stimulus to the American working class, and increase public safety at the same time. We must seize this opportunity, and we must do it now!

"Right to Work":

So-called “Right to Work” legislation has been terrible for workers. In every state that it has been implemented, it had had devastating effects on worker rights and unions. This legislation is simply an attack on worker organizations and an attempt to diminish a strong base for the Democratic Party. We must make it easier for workers to unionize, fight for living wages, and form stronger communities. The right of collective bargaining must be defended during a Trump Presidency. I will fight any attempts at a national "Right to Work" law.


I will support all legislation that strengthens unions and oppose attempted attacks on the right for workers to organize. Unions are the foundation of worker rights and the main barrier against economic inequality. Union jobs allow families to rise into the middle class, and have democratic representation in the workplace. Unions also make workers stronger through organization.

For these reasons, unions have been the target of legislation and misinformation campaigns by Republicans, and sadly, many establishment Democrats. I support the Employee Free Choice Act, which, through card-check, will allow workers to easily organize into unions. 

We live in a society where corporations are greedily expanding their profits and the expense of worker's salary, benefits, retirement, and even their safety on the job. The time for pleading for mercy at the hands of the 1% is over. We must fight back, to save worker representation and the American middle class!


Retirement is the reward that most Americans look forward to after a life of hard work. It is a time when people can explore hobbies, spend precious time with family, and rest. Retirement is possible because of social security, pensions, and other private investments. Since working and middle class Americans have suffered economic losses continually over the past four decades, private savings are not a reliable way to ensure retirement. We must protect social security from being cut, and we must honor pensions.

Republicans attempt to paint Social Security as a welfare program, when in reality workers have invested their money into this retirement plan. Pensions are both a promise of a comfortable retirement, and a key part of reducing senior poverty. We cannot afford to break our promise to American workers, or to abandon seniors to poverty. I will fight to ensure every worker is able to receive their social security payments in the future, and I will fight to defend pensions.

Harassment and Violence in the Workplace:

Harassment of any kind in the workplace is unacceptable. Uncorrected employees often become the perpetrators, or even the victims of violence, based on their actions. I will author legislation to enact stricter workplace harassment laws, to ensure a safe workplace for all workers.

"Free" Trade:

The United States policy on trade has led to the exporting of countless jobs, environmental abuses abroad, and expanded corporate power. This trend started in the 1970’s, continued in earnest under NAFTA, and was attempted again with the TPP. Corporate backed Democrats and Republicans have continued to tell us that these trade deals will be good for Americans, and would not lead to large scale deportation of jobs. American industry and workers have suffered immensely under these policies, and it is time for a change.

We cannot afford to keep killing our small businesses for the benefit of large corporations. We should not have to choose between a safe workplace, or losing jobs to countries where wages are low and safety and environmental regulations are weak. Our federal government must start protecting workers, not corporate profits.

While I am not against beneficial trade between countries, we must be much more selective over what deals we participate in. We must prevent corporate lawyers from having more power than democratic governments, and we must fight against trade deals that enable slave labor, environmental destruction, and poor working conditions abroad. Trade must benefit workers, and international companies must be accountable to the people.

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