Income and Wealth Inequality

"Main Street Contract with America":

I support the Main Street Contract for the American People, which promotes:

  • Jobs at living wages to reinvest in America
  • Equal access to quality, public education
  • Guaranteed healthcare for all
  • A secure retirement, with the ability to retire in dignity
  • Good housing and protection from hunger
  • A safe, clean, and healthy environment
  • A just taxation system where corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share

You will notice that these values are interwoven into the greater platform, and many are part of FDR's "Second Bill of Rights," which is the backbone of the greater Progressive Movement.

Tax on Wall Street Financial Transactions:

I support a 0.5% tax on Wall Street transactions, which will bring in an estimated $350 billion dollars a year, to be used to fund tuition-free colleges and trade schools.

Corporate Taxation:

We must close all loopholes in corporate taxes, and criminalize stowing profits offshore to avoid taxation. Profits earned by American Corporations should be taxed in America to benefit the American people, not used to enrich a handful of greedy corporations and individuals.

End "Too-Big-To-Fail" and Break-Up Monopolies:

No bank or corporation should grow to a size that they are not allowed to fail. Our nation is one that breaks up monopolies and encourages competition.


It is time to reinstitute Glass-Steagal, and seek further regulations on banks to break monopolies and ensure our financial system is sound.

Establish a Living Wage Starting at $15 an Hour

Attaching a minimum wage (starting at $15 an hour) to inflation will ensure corporations don't pass on the costs to consumers, who are also their employees. Instead, corporations will be forced to cut into their record profits. Cities with a higher-cost of living should have a higher starting wage, also tied to inflation.

Rent Control:

We live in a boom-and-bust economy, and while we fight to regulate the wild swings in the market, we need to protect the working class from extreme rent increases that push families out of their homes. The Great Recession may have been a disaster for housing, but we are now returning to a cost-of-living similar to the eve of the crash. We must temper the housing market by setting maximum rent increases. No one deserves to be thrown out of their home because their rent has doubled, and a greedy landlord wants to make more money.

Public/Postal Banking:

The postal service has been under attack via extreme right-wing legislation that seeks to destroy the institution. The postal service is required to pre-fund pensions for their workers 75 years in advance. No corporation could survive under this system.

A postal banking system would allow for the cashing of checks, savings accounts, and rewarding of small loans. Postal banking is a public option meant to serve communities with limited access to banking institutions. In addition to assisting customers, the system would strengthen the United States Postal Service and bring in much needed funding. It's time we supported our national postal service and renewed our commitment to the working class!

I will introduce, and support, legislation that removes the requirement to pre-fund retirement, establishes a postal banking system, and codifies an overnight delivery standard.

Childhood Poverty:

It is unacceptable in a society as affluent as ours that children are suffering. I will work to strengthen our social safety nets so that we can reduce childhood poverty and create a society of hope.


Thousands of individuals live on the streets in every major city. Without the basic necessities it is impossible to improve one's financial conditions We must find ways to house the homeless.

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