Foreign Policy Reform

Offensive Wars:

We must not attack another nation when our direct safety is not at risk. Too many times have we "preemptively" attacked another nation only to find out they were not a real threat. Our interests are our citizens here at home, not military adventurism for profits and resources. As we cut our involvement in foreign wars, we will cut our bloated military budget, focus on defensive measures, and fund domestic programs to assist people in need here at home.

No Direct or Indirect Involvement in Foreign Conflicts:

We have proven to ourselves that U.S. involvement in foreign conflicts and "nation-building" has brought zero benefit to the U.S. We cannot get involved any further. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend!

It's well past time we stop selling weapons to oppressive nations who maim and kill their neighbors, and their own populace.

Fund NATO (or a similar alliance) as a Deterrent to War:

We are not naive, nor isolationists. We must build our alliances around the world to strengthen ourselves against rogue states and states that seek power through violence. While we pull back from involvement in foreign conflicts, we must fully fund NATO, or build a similar alliance among nations to deter war.

Palestine and Israel:

For the sake of Palestine and Israel, I support self-determination for the Palestinian and Israeli people. While Israel is an ally, we cannot overlook injustices against the Palestinian people.

Saudi Arabia and Yemen:

The United States currently supports Saudi Arabia's bombing offensive against Yemen in the name of "fighting terrorism." Illness and death has spread across Yemen as a direct result of this offensive, and we as citizens are funding it. We must stop supporting this atrocity through refusal to aid Saudi Arabia in military endeavors, and we must stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Stop Arming Terrorists Act (SATA):

I support Representative Tulsi Gabbard's Stop Arming Terrorists Act, which prohibits aiding terrorist organizations with any information, financing, or material support. We cannot keep making the enemy of our enemy our friend. This has failed us repeatedly.

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