Campaign Finance Reform

Campaign Finance Reform:

Our representatives are supposed to be responsive to the needs of the people, not corporate elites. I will fight to end the influence of Super PACs in our government and reverse Citizen's United.

Publicly-Funded Elections:

As we fight to reverse Citizen's United, we must also work towards establishing a publicly funded election system.

Small, Independent Donations:

Small, independent donations show support for a candidate who refuses to accept corporate donations. Without these donations, we will likely never have true representation in Congress.

Close the Revolving Door:

Currently, corporate employees can run for office with huge donations from their corporate bosses and win. Once they get into office they can author legislation that benefits their company. When they complete their term, or are voted out of office, they can return to their corporation and become a consultant, and make huge salaries lobbying the government. While campaign finance reform will solve the problem of corporate candidates being floated into office, there is currently no long-term restrictions on corporate congress members lobbying after leaving office.

I will introduce legislation to institute a lifetime ban on elected officials lobbying any level of government once leaving office.

Refusal to Vote:

What we can do right now is refuse to vote for candidates who accept corporate donations or have Super PACs. If we refuse our votes and these candidates lose, it will likely change their behavior, or better yet, allow a non-corporate candidate to win and truly represent the people.

Term Limits:

Term limits make representatives more responsive to their constituents, and less beholden to corporate donors.

I will introduce legislation to initiate term limits for congress.

Election Day Holidays:

We should increase voter turnout by making all federal election days federal holidays.

Voting from Prison:

Imprisoned citizens should not lose their right to vote. I will introduce legislation to allow imprisoned citizens to vote.

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    If you want donations from progressives, take yourself off of ActBlue.
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